Friday, 2 October 2009

Win a signed Home~Clubber book

Yeah that's right, give yourself the chance to win one of our new home~clubber books by answering this bollocks easy question. This is what it says on the back of the book: Ever found yourself sitting in a chair year after year watching the world go by on the internet and pontificating about it to another bloke who’s not interested? Got the concentration level of a moth? Welcome to the world of Home-Clubber, the cut-price Giro philosopher whose ill informed musings and half baked ideas have appeared in The Guardian Guide every Saturday since he finally got out of bed in 2004. Now in one indispensable volume the armchair bound, council-bothering prince of nonsense refills a fresh tumbler of non specific cheap booze and re-heats 150 or so prime slices of his idiot wisdom. It’s all here... Why seagulls live in cupboards, how Hitler’s drum kit ended up on eBay, why window baked chicken is improved with a pre-layering of sun cream and how old video tapes of Top Gun can be recycled as octopus chandeliers for profit down the local market. Snap it up and settle back with a thick crust of clubberthink. Cheers yeah.

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