Sunday, 4 October 2009

Call For Friends!!

The Collected Thoughts’ of the Drive By Abuser
Advance order only – to be released November 15th

At last! Due to the public overwhelmingly asking for it! Modern Toss are proud to offer this limited edition release from the Modern Toss cultural stable. A beautifully hand-stitched, slim volume of cultural significance. This 36 page Poetry style treasure trove of half baked musings from the maestro of the moped would make the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who can read. Illustrated throughout with an HB pencil. Become a friend and patron of this important piece of literary history by sending us some money pronto and we’ll whack your name in the back in time for Christmas. It’s pure class so don’t muck about! Strictly limited name space available. see here

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The Funktopus said...

Releasing a book of musings, are ya? Yeah, looks like it and all.