Friday, 23 September 2011

Modern Road Warning Pictures

Blueprint, the Architecture Magazine asked a series of designers, artists and architects to redesign the British roadsign, this is what we did you can see the others here, cheers.

Modern Road Warning Pictures:
‘No one likes being told what to do these days, least of all by a pole stuck in the ground with some old-fashioned words stuck on it. By softening the ‘over-directional’ style of pre-Cameron/Clegg command signage and incorporating the raised inflection of modern chat, these signs are designed to create more of a ‘consensus’ between contemporary drivers and the signals they must take into account if they are going to complete a journey more or less alive. The result is a truly modern breakthrough in road safety, designed specifically to grab the fly-like attention span of the people most likely to mow you down while texting about some shit they’ve just seen on Youtube, OK?’

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