Thursday, 21 April 2011

Modern Cloth Exhibition starts 29th April

Due to popular demand, Modern Toss returns to Ink_d for a ground breaking exhibition of innovative 'clothworks', including a bespoke tailored Swearing Jacket (main picture), some challenging tea towel designs and a selection of very collectible new prints. Modern Cloth opens on the day of the Royal Wedding and to mark the occasion the 'Toss will present an indispensable capsule collection of last minute commemorative Royal Shitnaks - a set of stamps, a beautiful one-off bone china mug and a professionally woven commemorative royal tea towel- so you can treasure forever the memory of the young Windsor's nuptials. Help celebrate this emotional time for Kate, Wills, The Drive-by Abuser and the nation by popping down to Ink_d gallery for what promises to be one of our best shows yet. Ink_d Gallery

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JoelB1 said...

Our antipodean thoughts are with you in this time of shiteness.