Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Coming Very Soon: The Daily Toss App

Alright! Fancy a full four seasons of classic cartoons from cult cartoonists Modern Toss? Yeah, looks like you need it . Don't panic though. Subscribe to the new Daily Toss app and each morning you’ll get a fresh Modern Toss cartoon pumped straight into your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without you having to do anything except wake up and press a button. See the same cartoon each day as your friends and share them on Facebook and Twitter, sometimes we might whack in a new cartoon or message, so check everyday. cheer yeah. Should be ready this week yeah.


Gordon said...

Vous voulez toujours une application Android faisant, vous con.

Paul said...

I agree with Gordon.
Why is this & your other app only available on iphone?
Android phone users also watch Modern Toss.

Alan said...

we're looking into it yeah