Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Art Bucket' Opens This Friday

Our New Exhibition 'Modern Toss 2010 Art Bucket' opens at Brighton's Inkd Gallery this Friday, They’ll be a new range of letterpress and silkscreen prints, a selection of vintage inspired cards as well as the more groundbreaking stuff; hand-crotched dirty magazine covers, two eggs in a cage fighting over a pin and a talking bird that’s moaning about sitting on a twig. If that doesn’t do it for you there’s a Periodic Table of Swearing, Talking Punctuation and Alan has done some oil paintings documenting a recent holiday experience in Tuscany. Satisfy your appetite with a full scale gutbuster blow out at the ‘Modern Toss 2010 Artbucket’. Ink-d Gallery


spleenal said...

aw dude! I used to live in Brighton.
Now I live in Whitley Bay, which is like 350 miles away!
Any chance you're gonna do an expo in Whitley Bay?...No? That's a no then is it?
There's room since the co op shut down. there was talk of a primark moving in there but it never happened.
Still No?

Alright well good luck with that.

Alan said...

we'll be doing one in London starting June 20th cheers

Nick said...

Went today. A load more crap to spend my money on. Cheers you bastards.