Friday, 26 February 2010

Modern Toss Great Wall Of Filth Extravaganza

Get yourself down to Madam Geisha's in Brighton for four floors of full on mentalness! Yes it's the ultimate live art therapy session, as Modern Toss call on anyone who knows how to hold a pen to help them crack the world record for drawing the longest single-panel cartoon since the Bayeaux Tapestry. Get involved! Grab yourself a place in history as we all knock out a 250 metre homage to the disgruntled commuter. Don't sit there stewing up, get it up on the wall yeah. The fight back starts here!
While you're at it Alan and his backing band The Sticks will be belting out some demented live music and, as a special treat, a live special appearance from the ever popular Drive-by Abuser. Watch out too for some state of the art talking posters and a bank of TV's relaying the greatest hits of the groundbreaking Channel 4 Modern Toss TV series. Tasty!
“Foul mouthed and recklessly violent animation. I almost haemorrhaged with laughter” The Evening Standard
”Modern Toss is the Bach of comedy" Daily Telegraph
The Modern Toss ‘Great Wall of Filth Extravaganza’ – in association with Fletch Productions: Sunday 23rd May 2010 7pm – 11pm at Madame Geisha, 75 East Street, Brighton BN1 1NF. For tickets go to: or call 08444 771 000

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Nick said...

Apparently, according to the impersonal phone call I just got from Ticket Web this event has been cancelled for the forseeable future with no explanation from the organisers. Any explanation Modern Tossers?