Monday, 19 October 2009

Final Call For Friends

That's right. Last chance to get your name printed in the back of 'Drive-by Abusers Collected Thoughts Book. Become a part of history!! Cheers. Click here to become a friend
Offer open until Tuesday 20th October 5pm.


trimm trab deano said...

aaaahhhhhh! ive only just seen this! is it too late to get my name in a book? ive never had my name in a book! god dammit i wanna be in a book!

Alan said...

yeah too late, soz yeah... be another one in the new year

Dan Augey said...

You spelt 'Granddad' incorrectly yeah!
Fucking idiots yeah

Alan said...


Mister Carter said...

Written a book have ya?
Publish any old shit that comes to mind?
Reckon you're funny?
Nah, I couldn't fuckin' do it
Don't know how you come up with it
I'll let you get on
See ya 'round yeah