Friday, 17 April 2009

Modern Toss at Ink_d Gallery

Brighton's favourite cartoonists and ripe-language pioneers Modern Toss return to Ink_d for their second year at the Brighton Fringe Festival. Their latest exhibition will feature all new work including screenprints, letterpress prints, moving things built from string & wood and a 100 year calendar. Inspired by the current economic climate the boys from the Toss have been hard at work developing a range of motivational pieces designed to restore national morale and boost consumer confidence. With that in mind they're hoping their 'IMPROPERGANDA' range of artworks and posters will prove inspirational to anyone who wants to do their bit by buying something and hanging it on their wall. A new print and re-usable cloth bag to rival the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' ethic will raise the two-fingered salute to the credit crunch, and their coin-operated interactive pictures will have you digging out your small change to help bolster the national economy. All this as well as the usual favourites will be here; a series of new ‘Work’ prints, the loveable Alan up to his usual tricks and Mr Tourette who, in an attempt to break down international trade barriers, has started offending clients in a foreign language. So come on! The economic upswing starts here, get yourself down to Ink_d and perch yourself on the crest of it. Modern Toss - Buy More Shit or We're All Fucked, May 1st - 31st Ink_d Gallery, North Road Brighton.

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