Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Coming Soon... Toss Night Spectacular

Ever dared to imagine yourself sitting in a church in Hove watching a hand picked selection of top notch Modern Toss TV sketches, sliced up and re-jigged for your delectation, while a bunch of top rank classical violinists play all the music for it in front of you ?! Well good luck to you because that's exactly what's gonna be happening and here's your exclusive chance to grab a slice of it. Tickets Will Soon Be Available For 'An Evening Of Edwardian Chamber Filth' in the company of the Modern Toss Players. Hosted by Mr Simon ' Mr Tourette' Greenall and featuring the live vocal genius of Mr David 'Drive by Abuser' Schaal plus a sprinkling of special mystery guests, this is the big one for Toss fans. Meet the fucking idiots behind the phenomenon that is Modern Toss. Whack yourself down right now for a seat at this once in a lifetime event ! May 2nd and May 8th only. Bookable from March 16th. Promises to be an evening you'll never forget ! (unless you go to both)


Nick said...

Hello, I checked on the website again and it seems to have changed to April 16th now - is there a number I can call to book or do I have to wait? Cheers, Nicola

Alan said...

alright Nick, it should go on later today, will email the mailing list when it's live, cheers